About us

Big, juicy stories!.

We’re a small team of enthusiastic storytellers from Phnom Penh, Cambodia who came together in 2018 with a shared passion for film and theatre. We love rich storylines and compelling narratives. We believe that a movie should be driven by its plot, and people from all walks of life should be able to enjoy it.

Our Vision

Quality for all

High production value that everyone can enjoy.

Less is more

Simple and strong storytelling engages an audience in the right way.

Thinking is allowed

Touching topics that matter, without force-feeding..

Stories are universal

Good stories transcend culture and language.

Keep it charming

Create a fond memory for the audience.

Our work

Soul Searching
(in development) - (KH/EN)


A supernatural comedy horror feature set in Cambodia. Official selection for the Bifan Industry Gathering - Network of Asia Fantastic Films - 2018, ​BIFAN NAFF Selection​. Find more details at the dedicated movie website ​www.soulsearchingthemovie.com​.
Soul Searching Casting Audition Pre-Registration

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Request access to production book with this form, or contact ​info@blackcrocproductions.com